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COVID-19 Contact Tracing Force (Washington, DC)

R&W Group is partnering with the District of Columbia government to help staff openings for a COVID-19 Contact Tracing Force. These positions are temporary, but invaluable in terms of helping healthcare professionals and government officials understand the development of COVID-19 and how to support residents in limiting its spread.

What is "Contact Tracing"?

Contact tracing is the proactive monitoring of a virus and the way it spreads through a community, identifying those people infected by the virus (through phone and electronic communication, not in-person), and then contacting everyone with whom they've come in contact, encouraging them to self-isolate and take appropriate social distancing measures.

Used for decades, Contract Tracing is an effective measure in limiting the spread of infectious diseases. The underlying premise is simple: identify people who have contracted the disease, discover who they've recently encountered, and encourage those people to stay home until it is clear they are not sick.


  • All work would be completed remotely (telework from candidate's home).

  • An online client resource management (CRM) program will be utilized to connect with the contacts of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. Contact Tracers will complete symptom checks, provide information related to established testing protocols, and share self-quarantine best practices.

  • Scripts, policies, and procedures provided by the hiring organization must be adhered to by Contact Tracers, in compliance with Department of Public Health onboarding.

  • Candidates must abide by policies regarding confidential and personal information.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English is required. Additional language skills are also desirable.

  • Effective communication and organizational skills

  • Exceptional customer service skills, with an ability to professionally engage with diverse groups of individuals during challenging times.

  • Ability to relate and express empathy towards all contacts, especially in the face of distressful news.

  • Discretely and responsibly handling confidential and otherwise sensitive information

  • Preference towards candidates with professional experience working with confidential information, especially in a medical, clinical, or other public health setting

  • A background in nursing and other clinical environments is strongly preferred

  • A proactive work ethic and positive, personable, and professional demeanor

  • Ability to think critically and use rational judgement

  • Technology requirements include:

  • Home computer with reliable internet connection is required.

  • PC operating on Windows 10 with antivirus protection and Windows Firewall

  • Macintosh with Apple OS X 10.13 with antivirus protection.

  • Personal mobile device will be used to complete job duties.

  • Using a headset on calls is strongly encouraged.

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