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R & W offers educational seminars, on-site, for you and your team. These engaging seminars, designed to help unlock your employees’ potential, have been consistently well-received by attendees, which include law firms, corporations and associations across the country.

Each seminar lasts approximately 1½ hours and will provide your employees with the tools to become more efficient and effective in their positions. Seminar topics include “Time Management”, “Effective Communication”, “Professionalism”, and “How to Successfully Conduct an Interview.”


Knowing that not all employees learn the same, we offer one-on-one consulting services, working with your employees and management staff, as needed.


We also offer independent staffing assessments of your departments.


If your company is considering layoffs, R & W offers outplacement services to our clients. These services include preparing for the layoffs, on-site Job Fairs, and working with your employees immediately after the announcement to assist with their transition to their next employer. We will help your employees focus on the future by assisting them with job searches, resume review, interview preparation and salary negotiation skills.

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